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National Contract 1 (NC1) for PET-CT

In January 2015 a collaborative network led by Alliance Medical was selected by NHS England to provide PET-CT  Scanning Service across 30 locations in England to optimise equity in patient access and improve patient outcomes.

To improve current infrastructure and as part of the NC1 collaborative network ‘The Christie NHS Foundation Trust’  was selected to :

  • Develop and deliver first-class training for all PET-CT NC1 professionals.
  • Create Research Networks
  • Increase the number of clinical trials

The NC1 contract seeks to improve the patient journey when receiving a PET-CT scan to ensure the highest quality of care. The PET-CT Academy supports this through providing training and education for Alliance Medical Staff.

Founded in 2017 to drive the education and training programme forwards

The PET-CT Academy was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to developing and delivering high quality training and specialist education for colleagues across the spectrum of professionals working in PET-CT and facilitating increasing numbers of research trials.

The Academy is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of experts from the department of Radiology, The department of Medical Physics and the School of Oncology.

The Christie delivers the highest quality care and treatment for patients to increase cancer survival rates. Early clinical diagnosis saves lives, which is why PET-CT scanning, delivered by highly trained radiographers, is so important.

We bring our strengths in oncological leadership and clinical teaching to ensure that this new partnership with Alliance Medical will be able to draw on a pool of talented and ambitious radiologists, radiographers, technologists and scientists, who want to deliver outstanding PET-CT scanning throughout the UK.

There are just 71 radiologists per million people in the UK compared with 152 per million in France. The transformation brought about by this initiative will make these professions more attractive, encouraging new recruits. The Christie, through the PET-CT Academy is very proud to be leading on training the next generation of the PET-CT workforce throughout the UK.

Here at the Christie we are very clear in our ambition to deliver the highest quality care and treatment with real patient benefits and ultimately to increase cancer survival rates. Early clinical diagnosis is a critical part of delivering on that objective, and we see the strengths of our oncological leadership and Alliance Medical’s diagnostic excellence building a world leading service.

Dr Prakash Manoharan

Clinical Lead for PET-CT, The Christie

Alliance Medical are Europe’s leading independent provider of medical imaging services.

Combining service excellence and innovative imaging technologies to improve patient care and support NHS and independent sector organisations with their on-going imaging requirements. Our approach has delivered consistent company growth for more than 25 years.


It is a privilege to be part of a consortium of the highest quality healthcare and academic institutions and to be selected to provide PET-CT imaging services in England. We strongly believe that by providing better access to PET-CT and improving the current pathway, we can support NHS England’s objective of improving cancer survivorship. While it is important to provide a service that is fit for purpose now, we have also made a commitment to NHS England to work with, among others, the Clinical Reference Group to evaluate emerging technologies and radioactive tracers such that evidence-based decisions on service developments can be made.

Alliance Medical Group

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Mission Statement

Dedicated to developing and delivering  high quality training and specialist education for colleagues across the spectrum of professions working in PET-CT, from Radiologists to Clinical Assistants, as well as facilitating increasing numbers of research trials’.