A Patient’s Story

We are thrilled to introduce Kate Quirk who is the patient representative within the PET-CT Academy. Kate’s role  is to kindly review educational content providing her expert patient opinion.

Kate currently has Stage IV Lung Neuroendocrine Cancer and has been living with Cancer since 2003. She came to the Christie in 2017 and is currently receiving care under the expert team of Prof Was Mansoor.

Speaking of her experience with the drug ‘Lanreotide’ Kate has kindly shared with us her inspiring short story.

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Prof. Sobhan Vinjamuri awarded BNMS President’s Medal

We are delighted to hear that The British Nuclear Medicine Society has presented Prof. Sobhan Vinjamuri with the BNMS President’s Medal 2020. The President’s Medal is awarded annually to medics who have made an exceptional contribution to Nuclear Medicine.

Prof. Sobhan Vinjamuri leads the Nuclear Medicine Department at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. A highly-respected colleague of the PET-CT Academy, he has worked with the faculty to develop blended learning training packages for Radiologists in the UK and internationally.

Everyone at the PET-CT Academy would like to officially congratulate Prof. Sobhan Vinjamuri for this amazing achievement.

NICE Endorsement Statement

The PET-CT Academy’s Reporting training has received official endorsement from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). The e-learning is judged to accurately reflect recommendations in the NICE guidance on non-Hodgkin’s lymphomacancer of the upper aerodigestive tract and lung cancer. (NICE Guideline [NG52], February 2020)

Designed for Consultant Radiologists and Post-CCT Fellows, the training provides the necessary skills and experience to be able to read, interpret, report and review PET-CT scans. Modules are provided for different body areas and are supported by teaching cases and questions covering the key learning points


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PET-CT Academy on tour

The PET-CT Academy went on tour recently with an appearance at the RCR 2019 in Liverpool. The RCR meeting is an annual conference organised by the Royal College of Radiologists that provides high-quality lectures and workshops focussed on Radiology and Oncology. With over 700 delegates across the conference, this was a fantastic opportunity for the PET-CT Academy to showcase the blended learning packages that it has to offer to professionals in this field.

The Academy had an exhibition stand across two days with promotional materials and members of staff on-hand to engage with interested delegates. Key members of the Academy also featured in a session on Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT) on the Wednesday morning in Radiology Stream 2. This began with an introduction from Dr Rohit Kochhar and presentations followed from Dr Prakash Manoharan on techniques and tracer development, Dr Peter Julyan on how to get the best quality in PET-CT imaging, and finally Dr Thomas Westwood on training requirements, resources and reporting standards.

We were thrilled to be able to support this fantastic event and will be seeking further opportunities to showcase the PET-CT Academy at future meetings in 2020.

IV Cannulation Level 1 and 2

The IV Cannulation blended course is now being piloted at The PET-CT Academy. The course was previously delivered as two full days, now consists of online learning followed by one day of practical simulation in order to put into practice the knowledge gained from the e-learning module.

The course is split into two levels. Level one is aimed at Clinical Assistants and focuses around Cannulation. Whereas, level two is aimed at Technologists and Radiographers, and includes the administration of Isotopes.

Visit to Zentralklinik in Bad Berka!

The PET-CT Academy team from The Christie visited Theranostics Cener for Molecular Radiotherapy, Zentralklinik, Bad Berka on 28th February 2018. The purpose of the trip was gain an understanding on how their institution utilises theranostic PSMA tracers to manage prostate carcinoma patients. This will support the development of the PSMA clinical trial unit at The Christie as part of their prostate cancer centre of excellence.