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Develop your theoretical knowledge and hone your clinical skills through our specialist interactive and patient-centred training for professionals operating in PET-CT departments and the associated fields of radiology, nuclear medicine, and physics.

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This course is designed to support Consultant Radiologists’ professional development to report PET-CT scans successfully.
Throughout the year, the PET-CT Academy hosts several study days on key topics associated with the fields of Nuclear Medicine, Physics and Radiology in a PET-CT service.
The Aspiring Leaders Programme - Leading a High-Performance Culture (HPC), is a transformational process that examines the role that culture plays in determining the effectiveness of the organisation.
This programme has been designed to help managers improve practice and interpersonal skills enabling you to optimise team performance and cohesion to develop effective and efficient teams.
18-FDG has become the de facto radiopharmaceutical for imaging many types of cancer; however, it is not applicable in all cases (e.g. prostate or cardiac imaging).
Maintaining a positive mindset in busy, high-pressure and rapidly changing environments can be a constant and significant challenge. This can place individuals and teams in difficult situations that can cause excess stress, impact morale, and diminish resilience.
Developed in collaboration with The Christie’s Maguire Communication Skills Training Unit® and Complementary Therapies team, this course is a fantastic introduction to the essential communication skills required so you can positively engage with patients and help to alleviate and manage their anxieties.
This short course provides the core knowledge and understanding of what steps to take when performing contamination monitoring, cleaning up and decontaminating a radioactive spill.
With more than 55 million people living with dementia worldwide and nearly 10 million new cases every year, it is ever more important for patient-facing staff to understand how to effectively identify, manage and communicate with patients diagnosed or suspected to be living with dementia.
This workshop aims to support staff who regularly contact patients by telephone as part of their role. It focuses on specific key skills for effective telephone communication with patients.
The Essentials of PET-CT course lays the foundations by introducing new Clinical Assistants to the fundamentals of a PET-CT service and the wider role you play within the department.
The Essentials of PET-CT is a comprehensive introductory course for recently qualified Radiographers and Technologists to prepare you for your new role within a PET-CT service.
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Radiographers and Technologists

Radiation Protection Supervisor

Delivered by The Christie’s Medical Physics and Engineering department, the Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) course meets the requirement of the Health and Safety executive’s (HSE) regulation 15 of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17).

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Communication and Well-being

Managing Patient Conversations

This interactive workshop offers an opportunity to refresh the key communication skills and behaviours you need to help patients feel that they have been listened and treated as individuals with compassion, dignity and respect.

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