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As a Radiologist your days can sometimes become isolated, especially in the current climate where many reporters are working remotely or with limited colleagues on site.

The PET-CT Network is a FREE online community of practice for Radiologists and specialist trainees with an interest in PET-CT. It has been created with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences to improve outcomes for patients and reduce variation.

Space to learn, talk and discover…

The professional social networking space gives participants the opportunity to learn from each other as the network welcomes those from various levels of experience. It has the functionality to upload cases with a stack view format which colleagues can then comment and share best practice.

Within this space you can:

  • Network by getting to know others within your field from anywhere in the world and make new connections with those who share your professional interests, this could possibly lead to new collaborations.
  • Support each other through getting opinions on a difficult case or getting a concept explained, the network will help you reach the right answer.
  • Learn from each other by sharing and reviewing interesting cases, discussing discrepancies, read article reviews to help you find the literature you’re looking for and have discussions via forums to improve patient outcomes by sharing knowledge.

The PET-CT Network has been designed by Nicola Fern in collaboration with Radiologists as part of her MA exploring online communities of practice, due to its positive feedback we are now seeking to expand its use and launch it more widely to help radiologists network, support and learn from each other at a time when collaboration is at it hardest.

It would be great if more reporters signed up to the network to widen the depth of knowledge available resulting in more PET-CT Reporters collaborating within speciality areas and improving practice overall.

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