Our Patient Rep, Kate Quirk, was invited to speak to Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA) in London last month on ‘Life with Neuroendocrine Cancer, PRRT & Covid. ‘

Kate, who is also the Patient Support Coordinator for the advocacy group, Neuroendocrine Cancer UK, told us: “The audience were keen to understand how the patient community-managed PRRT (Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy) during Covid, the impact of any interruptions to care, especially whilst adhering to social distancing rules, follow-up, and the protective measures required whilst going through the usual 4 cycles of treatment.”

After a Neuroendocrine Cancer diagnosis, patients usually follow a regular scanning programme for the rest of life. So a further area of interest was in recognising the impact of delays or interruptions to the patient scanning cycle, its impact, and the effects (some good, some not so good) on patient care and anxiety levels.

Kate said: “It was rewarding to know that the patient voice can really make a difference. The team at AAA were really interested to learn how service improvements might be made, from the patient’s viewpoint. Of particular interest was the alignment and standardisation of follow-up care – and access – for all patients undergoing PRRT throughout the UK.”

Pictured are Dr Vivienne Beckett, AAA Global Advocacy and Comms Lead; Kate Quirk, Patient Rep for The PET-CT Academy at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Manchester; Alessandra Dorigo, AAA General Manager, UK, Ireland, Nordics and Baltics.