PET-CT Reporting

PET-CT Reporting


The Christie PET-CT Academy provides a learning platform designed to support consultant radiologists and radiology fellows trained in cross-sectional computed tomographic imaging to gain the necessary skills and experience to become an 18FDG PET-CT reporting radiologist. Upon completion of this course, the candidate will have a clear understanding of evidence-based use of PET-CT imaging in the clinical settings and be able to confidently read, interpret, report and review PET-CT scans. At the end of the training, candidates will have reported a total of 600 cases.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is designed for Consultant Radiologists and Post CCT Fellows.

How long will the course take?

The PET-CT Academy provides an opportunity for training to be customised to individual needs. The amount of time to complete the programme will depend on your previous experience although we have estimated candidates will complete the course within 12 months. Candidates will have an opportunity to fast track the training depending on their time commitments to the course and satisfactory progression which will be based on direct supervision and assessment provided by the academy.

Unit Description

The PET-CT Academy will provide candidates with a comprehensive and up to date coverage of all aspects of 18FDG PET-CT imaging in Oncology. Based on a combination of self-learning using e-learning modules on an advanced web-based learning platform. Each of the e-learning modules is complemented by a comprehensive and challenging set of teaching cases (15 per module) with questions aimed to cover all the key learning points of that module. All questions will have detailed and where necessary, referenced explanations, providing candidates with a tool for independent self-assessment. Once the online training is complete, the candidate will be required to report 150 retrospective training cases. Each reported case will be sent to the supervisor for feedback before an online tutorial. After candidates have completed their retrospective reporting (both training and assessment), they will be given access to the live system and begin their supervised prospective reporting.

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If you have any questions about this course, get in touch here Petctacademy@christie.nhs.ukĀ