Meet the Team

Senior Team

Dr Catherine Heaven

Dr Catherine Heaven is Associate Director of Education at The Christie School of Oncology, in Manchester. Cathy’s background is in communication research and training.

Cathy has led the development of a Cancer Education Strategy for Greater Manchester and is part of an award winning industry partnership leading PET-CT education nationally.

Dr David Hamilton

Medical Physics and Engineering consultant for PET-CT Academy

Dr Hamilton is specialised in the physics of nuclear medicine and has interests in imaging and dosimetry. Publications have also included work on novel radionuclides in molecular radiotherapy and image analysis using artificial intelligence. Dr Hamilton is a founding member of the PET-CT Academy along with Drs Heaven and Manoharan.

Dr Prakash Manoharan

PET-CT Academy Director and Consultant Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician

Dr Manoharan is dually accredited in radiology and nuclear medicine, with sub specialised fellowships in nuclear medicine (UK), oncology body MRI/CT (UK) and nuclear medicine/PET CT/ advanced radionuclide therapy (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA).

Miss Anita Garvey

PET-CT Academy Programme Manager (since April 2017)


Brian Murby

Nuclear Medicine Group Leader

Responsible for provision of the scientific leadership and management of the Nuclear Medicine group in CMPE, overseeing development and implementation of new policies in line with legislative requirements. Co-director for The Christie component of the PET/CT National Contract, including both The Christie Academy of Advanced Imaging and provision of scientific support encompassing MPE, RPA and RWA expertise.


Dr Amarjot Chander

Consultant Radiologist / Clinical Supervisor for PET-CT Academy

Dr Chander is dually accredited in Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine – and has specialist interest in lung malignancy.

Dr Rohit Kochhar

Consultant Radiologist / Lead Radiologist for PET-CT Academy

Dr Kochhar is a consultant oncoradiologist and a member of the UK National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Colorectal CSG with a specialist interest in peritoneal tumours, anal cancers and Education.

Dr Soo Mak

Consultant OncoRadiologist/ Clinical Supervisor for PET-CT Academy

Dr Mak is a diagnostic oncology radiologist with a specialist interest in post-treatment brain tumour, head and neck cancer and haematological malignancy.

Dr Thomas Westwood

Consultant Radiologist / Clinical Supervisor for PET-CT Academy

Dr Westwood is an Oncology Radiologist with a specialist interest in nuclear medicine and molecular Imaging. His experience includes a range of PET tracers including 18 FDG, 68Ga-DOTANOC, 18F-Choline and 18F-DOPA.

Nuclear Medicine

Jose Calero

Head of Radiopharmacy

José Calero, (BPharm, MSc, GPhC) started his professional career as a Radiopharmacist at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, United Kingdom. Mr Calero has leaded The Christie Radiopharmacy as a Consultant Radiopharmacist and Head of Radiopharmacy. In October 2014, Mr Calero became a member of the UK Radiopharmacy Group of experts.

Andrew Connolly

Deputy Lead Technician in Nuclear / Content Developer for PET-CT Academy

Qualified as a radiographer in 1986, qualified to work in Nuclear Medicine in 1996; have worked in 3 Nuclear Medicine departments and experienced a wide variety of scanning; became involved in PET-CT scanning about 2005 and involved in training in the last couple of years. Can be found treading the boards in amateur dramatics and writing short stories when not involved in Nuclear Medicine.

Wendy Jennison

Lead Clinical Technologist / content Developer for PET-CT Academy

Dr Peter Julyan

Principal Physicist – Christie Hospital / Lead Physicist for PET-CT Academy

In my current role I am responsible for providing medical physics support for clinical and research PET imaging in Christie Hospital, and research PET at the University of Manchester’s Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre (WMIC). I am also involved with teaching at the Universities of Manchester and Salford, and supervisor students at M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels.

Jennie Prince

Consultant Clinical Scientist in Nuclear Medicine

Jennie Prince is a nuclear medicine physicist, providing scientific support (MPE, RPA, RWA) to nuclear medicine departments in a number of Trusts in Greater Manchester and Lancashire, and leading RPA and RWA coordination across NC1 PET sites across England.

Marketing and Admin Team

Diane Byrne

Education and Events Support 

Diane joined the PET-CT Academy in 2018 and splits her time between the School of Oncology Observers and International programme and supporting the PET-CT Academy.

James Moore

Events and Marketing Support Manager


Mark Squire

Events and Marketing Coordinator

Katie Slaouti

Events and Marketing Support Manager since 2015 – currently on maternity leave